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Feb 4 2007

Want to get more done? Start earlier in the day

Just read a great post over at Lifehacker. This is a link through to the Open Loops website and an article about getting more done in a working day, and going home on time. For me, I like to start early, plan, and get home on time to spend the quality time with my wife and four children. I know this is not the same for everybody so give the article a read and see what you think.

His premise is this: we can get into the habit of staying later at work…when we don’t really need to be there. Studies have shown that the more work you get out of the way in the early hours of the day, the more thoughtful and efficient you actually can be.

I can definitely attest to this in my own life – for the past month, I’ve been getting up Mon.-Fri. at 5 AM, and I’ve never accomplished more.

Lifehacker post is here and original post is here.

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