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Jan 29 2007

Book Review – Great Quotes from Zig Ziglar – Motivation and Success

I had bought this book quite a while back and I must admit that I had not really looked at it. I have been away for the weekend and as always, I grabbed a few books I had not yet looked at and this was one of my choices. This book is from Successories, the […]

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Jan 23 2007

WordPress Plugin – Admin Tiger

I have just added the Admin Tiger plugin for WordPress 2.0 from This is a fantastic WordPress plugin that vastly improves the look and feel of the WordPress Administration pages. The current default WordPress administration area is functional, but I felt it could be improved. For several reasons, I didn’t want to touch the […]

Jan 21 2007

Chapter 2 – Introducing the GTD Methodology

Well, I am now through with Chapter 2, entitled Getting Control of Your Life: The Five Stages Of Mastering Workflow. This chapter covers the five-stage method for managing workflow. These five stages are: Collect Process Organize Review Do The Four-Criteria Model for Choosing Actions in the Moment The Threefold Model for Evaluating Daily Work The […]

Jan 17 2007

5 GTD Systems That we should be using – Reviewed

The GTD Blog, Whats the next action, has posted an article about 5 GTD systems we should be using. These five systems are: My Life Organized Todo.txt Microsoft Excel Moleskine Thinking Rock Check out the article HERE.

Jan 8 2007

PagePacker – Mac GTD Application

I have just seen that Lifehacker have posted information about a new GTD application called PagePacker. PagePacker is a freeware Mac only application that allows you to create mini books from your work. You can page an 8 page booklet on a single shet of letter or A4 paper. Very handy for you GTD’ers.

Jan 8 2007

Open Loops, Managing Action, and Getting Things Done

Well, Chapter One is through. definitely food for thought! One of the most valuable thoughts that i will take away from this chapter is the one about Open Loops. In the other time management and productivity books I have read, I have never seen mention of this principle. Other books I have read are all […]

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Jan 6 2007

GTD Application – Tracks

Just found a good looking GTD application via another Jackens Blog. I must admit that it looks a good app and is right up to date, created in Ruby. Even though I am only starting with the GTD book and methodology, I will provide information about all GTD applications that I come across. As soon […]

Jan 6 2007

Learning the Blogging Way

Well, the Blog has been running for three days now and I am averaging around 70 visitors per day. Over the next week I am going to focus on improving the way the blog operates. I have been given an eBook by Joel Comm that covers Blog optimization so I will be introducing a lot […]

Jan 4 2007

Getting Things Done – 2007 Recap on 43Folders

Merlin Man has posted a great entry to his blog at This acts as a review of 07 and a primer for new people looking at the GTD methodology from David Allen.

Jan 4 2007

Chapter 1 – Starting with the GTD Book

Well, I had just returned from training and did not have much time but I was eager to read at least some of the book so that I could make a start reviewing it, and hopefully learning something from the “powers within”. The book is split into three parts. Part 1 is titled “The Art […]

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