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Apr 28 2008

Merlin Mann GTD Google Tech Talk

Hi All, I had a crazy week last week exhibiting at InfoSec with RandomStorm. It was hard work both physically and mentally. Got some more great ideas for this blog, and writing the posts is added as a task in OmniFocus as you would expect. Anyway, just watched this great Google Tech Talk from the […]

Apr 20 2008

Great Review of GTD Software Applications

Kevin Crenshaw posted a comment on my post about the Mind Meister 2.0 upgrade. In the true spirit of blogging, this made me visit his blog and check out what he was up to. Kevin runs a company and website called Priacta, and he is in the personal productivity coaching arena, offering both onsite and […]

Apr 17 2008

MindMeister Upgrades to Version 2.0

You will all know that I love Mind Mapping, and I also love MindMeister, the online Mind Mapping Collaboration tool. Well, the guys at MindMeister have just updated their software to version 2.0 and included a few cool features. What’s New in MindMeister? Our users often tell us that they like MindMeister because of its […]

Apr 10 2008

Upgraded to WordPress 2.5

After waiting a couple of weeks to see if there are any issues, I have today upgraded to WordPress 2.5. I must admit that I am liking the new interface and I am going to spend some time looking into the new features and functionality offered by version 2.5. Hopefully, I will not inherit any […]

Apr 3 2008

Social Networking with Twitter and Facebook for Getting Things Done

Well, I have been using Facebook for around a year and I have had my Twitter account about the same. I got into Facebook after receiving many requests to join from other friends and colleagues. I find the groups great and there is even a global GTD Group that I am a member of. So, […]

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Apr 3 2008

GTD Updates via Twitter

Just added the Twitter updater to my blog so the new blog posts automatically get posted to Twitter. More on Twitter is to follow as I am really liking it, after a lapse of using it.

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