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Apr 23 2007

Five Processing Tips for Getting Things Done

Well, I survived the collection and processing stages of implementing the GTD Methodology and along the way I made a note of five top tips that I would like to share with you on the Processing section of the GTD Methodology. I am presuming you have read my post on Processing, Getting In to Empty, […]

Apr 22 2007

GTD with Gmail and Gcal

There is a great post over at about using Gmail and Gcal to take charge of your daily tasks and to do lists. There are a million tools out there to keep track of your tasks, your appointments, your emails and reminders. But let’s face it — each of them have their drawbacks, and […]

Apr 17 2007

How to Make a GTD System for Around £10

After reading the great blog entry titled “How to Make a GTD System for Around $20” over at Cranking Widgets, I decided to add a UK spin to this theme as I am based in the UK and I have quite a few UK based readers. The Cranking Widgets blog entry takes you through building […]

Apr 16 2007

Processing – Getting In to Empty – Chapter 6

Well, I thought it was about time to write the next installment in my journey to stress free productivity utilizing the GTD system. Hopefully, you will already have read my previous posts on Getting Started, and also my “stuff” Collection Day. Well, as stated in the collection day post, I collected rather a lot of […]

Apr 9 2007

Merlin Mann and Leo Laporte Introduce Getting Things Done

Just caught this podcast via For those of you who are not using Mac’s, or those of you who use Mac’s and don’t watch MacBreak, you may not be familiar with Leo Laporte. Leo hosts Mac Break that also features the GTD Guru, Merlin Mann. Leo also has a weekly Podcast called the Tech […]

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Apr 8 2007

Getting Things Done with iGTD for Mac

I found out about iGTD from reading the download of the day link from Lifehacker. Sounds good so I have added this as a task to my @computer task list! iGTD is a Mac OS X application for implementing the Getting Things Done methodology from David Allen.  It is a very nice looking application that […]

Apr 7 2007

Getting Things Done in Sixty Seconds!

Just returned back after three days in Amsterdam on an affiliate marketing event and also a weeks holiday to Northumberland, UK. Back to it with the GTD posts now. Anyway, quickly, before my next post on my GTD journey I have found a link to a “Getting Things Done in 60 Seconds”, which is a […]

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