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Feb 27 2007

Online Collaborative Mind Mapping – MindMeister

Just stumbled across Mind Meister at Well, how fantastic is this! I am such a fan of Mind Mapping, of which I probably map at least one item a day, and this will be a topic of conversation of many coming blog posts on this site. Well, Web 2.0 meets Mind Mapping in the […]

Feb 27 2007

The Planning Models – Natural Planning with GTD

In a previous blog entry, I introduced Chapter 3 of the Getting Things Done book by David Allen. We looked at Horizontal and Vertical focus with respect to our projects and I explained the difference between these two methods of project planning and review. We are now going to look at the three planning models […]

Feb 26 2007

The War of Art – Win Your Creative Battles

Well, I have just finished reading the War of Art, by Steven Pressfield and I thought I would write a few words about my experiences with the book. I first heard about the book via a post at and I added it to my book reading list. A few months later, and a bit […]

Feb 21 2007

Getting Things Done (GTD) Search Engine –

Hello All, I have been working on a customized Google Search Engine that only indexes sites related to Getting Things Done and also other sites that add value in the personal development and motivation areas. Please check this out and let me know what you think. It is work in progress so please be nice […]

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Feb 21 2007

Free Hipster PDA (hPDA) Templates

Good post at showing some free hPDA templates. Simply drag and drop them to your desktop, or right-click and “save as.” Templates are formatted as .png graphics and can be printed as-is or inserted into a formatted document. They can be resized to fit everything from a 3×5 card to a daily organizer to […]

Feb 21 2007

Getting Things Done (GTD) With Email

Just read a good article over at The Getting Things Done Blog that covers a GTD Email setup. Now this is something that I am not up to yet with my own GTD journey as I have not finished the book but I will one day blog about the way I currently do my email, […]

Feb 19 2007

The Travelers Gift – Book Review

I have been away for the last week in The English Lake District, hence why there have been no updates to the site. Whilst I was away, as well as getting in a good few chapters of the Getting Things Done book, I also took the time to read a book that has been on […]

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Feb 9 2007

Chapter 3 – Getting Projects Creatively Under Way

I am now through with chapter 3 of the Getting Things Done book from David Allen. Chapter 3 is titled Getting Projects Creatively Under Way: The Five Phases of Project Planning. This chapter is the longest so far in the book and looks at the way we should, and probably already do identify and manage […]

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Feb 4 2007

Want to get more done? Start earlier in the day

Just read a great post over at Lifehacker. This is a link through to the Open Loops website and an article about getting more done in a working day, and going home on time. For me, I like to start early, plan, and get home on time to spend the quality time with my wife […]

Feb 4 2007

The Ultimate Getting Things Done Index

I was looking through some other Getting Things Done Blogs when I came across a post from GTD Wannabe. This post talks about the Ultimate GTD Index. There are some other interesting posts on the GTD Wannabe blog so I have added this blog to my links page on this site. This is the link […]

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