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Jun 24 2009

GTD-Free Getting Things Done Application Review

GTD-Free is a desktop productivity application based on David Allen’s wildly successful philosophy as described in his “Getting Things Done” book. It joins the ranks of many other, similarly styled applications set on helping others to get the most out of their days while reducing the stress of organizing work. GTD-Free is, appropriately enough, a […]

Jun 4 2009

Things Apple Mac GTD App Review

I have eventually got around to taking a better look at the Mac GTD app, Things, and adding to a review that I did a while ago. I currently use OmniFocus but Things and The Hit List are grabbing my attention. Anyway, here is my review and thoughts about Things. Things is a blandly named […]

Apr 10 2009

Some Different Free Productivity Tools

Sometimes a productivity system just isn’t right for your lifestyle and it can be a massive headache to discover this too late: such as after you’ve already taken your wallet out to give it a spin. To help with this problem, DIGTD wants to showcase a few different but still useful productivity tools that won’t […]

Mar 8 2009

Action Tracker – GTD App on FileMaker Pro Review

Action Tracker is a simple yet effective take on the productivity model advocated by David Allen in his “Getting Things Done” system. The program is based on the FileMaker Pro software and uses this basis to create a clean, functional and fairly minimalist design for users to sort and manage their tasks through. The official […]

Feb 20 2009

Tracks – Ruby on Rails GTD Application Review

Tracks GTD is a Ruby on Rails web-based application that is meant to serve as a hub for users to organize their life and work within. The system is an open-source (hence, free) program from the Tracks team of developers and is an impressive platform which offers relatively immediate accessibility for anyone new to the […]

Jan 31 2009

Tracking your Time in iGoogle, NetVibes, and Windows Vista

This is not a new application but one I have just stumbled across and one that looks quite useful, especially for Windows users. This is available as an iGoogle App, a NetVibes App or a Vista Sidebar Widget. A lot of iGoogle apps lose their appeal after they’ve started to clutter up your homepage and […]

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Jan 29 2009

Evernote Note Taking Application Review

I have got quite a few reviews stacked up for release on this blog and I cannot believe that I have never published a review of Evernote before. I did review the Evernote iPhone application a few months ago. I love Evernote and it really is one of those applications that I use on a […]

Jan 19 2009

Round Toit iPhone App Review

iPhone owners can pick and choose from a staggering number of productivity applications, many of which are excellent in their own right, but the aim of your organizational goals is usually the most important criteria for choosing the right download. Round Toit is pretty much just another of many to-do list applications but it succeeds […]

Jan 12 2009

Zenbe Free Email Review

I reviewed Zenbe Lists for the iPhone in a previous post so I thought I would take a look at the full blown Zenbe web based application. Zenbe is a fantastic web based email application designed to cater toward Getting Things Done enthusiasts and those interested in productivity applications alike. It simultaneously mixes in-depth GTD […]

Dec 15 2008

Zenbe Lists iPhone App Review

I have covered Zenbe in a few other posts on this blog and I do have a review of the full web based Zenbe ready to publish as soon as I can get it on the site. I just thought I would review the little cut down Zenbe Lists for the iPhone as this is […]

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