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Feb 21 2008

Nozbe For Getting Things Done – Project Sharing

Hi All, hope you are all having productive days! Just been watching the fourth Nozbe Video courtesy of YouTube. The fourth video is about Project Sharing and is well worth a watch if you are looking to use Nozbe as your GTD application. Just a recap about Nozbe. Nozbe is a simple web-based gtd software, […]

Feb 17 2008

GTD Application OmniFocus Updated

The GTD application OmniFocus has been updated today to version 1.01 Sneaky Peak. OmniGroup have two trains of updates now for the OmniFocus application. By default, your installation of OmniFocus will ask you to upgrade to the latest version when it is released. This is classed as the Sneaky Peek Build Train. On this train […]

Feb 10 2008

YouTube to your iPhone or iPod – Tooble

I love YouTube, and have done since I first discovered it years ago. Now one of the annoyances with YouTube is that it does not allow you to download your movies locally. I have, and love my iPhone and I know that I can use the inbuilt YouTube application to watch any YouTube video I […]

Feb 6 2008

Boost your Productivity with MindManager – Free Webinar

I am a real advocate of Mind Mapping. I have just read on the MindJet Blog about an upcoming Free Webinar on the 7th of February that covers Boosting your Productivity with MindManager. Here is the blurb from the MindJet Website.. Don’t we all want to work smarter, think creatively, and save time? One of […]

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Feb 4 2008

Nozbe for Getting Things Done – GTD – Three Videos

Just been re-looking at Nozbe for Getting Things Done and came across these three videos via YouTube. Nozbe is a simple web-based gtd software, so you don’t need to install anything on your computer – just sign up for a free account and log in to manage your to-dos, tasks, notes and projects. Check out […]

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