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I love YouTube, and have done since I first discovered it years ago. Now one of the annoyances with YouTube is that it does not allow you to download your movies locally.

I have, and love my iPhone and I know that I can use the inbuilt YouTube application to watch any YouTube video I want. However, I need to be really connected to a WiFi network in order for this to work as GPRS access is too slow for YouTube.

There are so many great GTD videos, such as the ones on the Online Nozbe GTD App that I would love the ability to download these and put these on my iPhone so that I can watch them at my leisure.

Well, I have now discovered a Mac application called Tooble. Tooble is a one stop shop for YouTube to iPod/iPhone video integration.

Tooble lets you browse, search and download any video from YouTube and put it on your iPod, iPhone or Apple TV. You can also save them to watch on your computer.

Tooble automatically converts YouTube video to MP4 format and then sends them to iTunes so that the next time you plug in your iPod or iPhone they’ll be there for you to watch.

This is currently only available for Mac but the site does state that a Windows application is coming soon.

One thought on “YouTube to your iPhone or iPod – Tooble

  1. Chris

    You might want to check out Miro. I started using on LInux recently but it is available for Mac. It has the ability to download You Tube videos and subscribe to users. They also have their own programming lists separate from YouTube.

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