GTD Application OmniFocus Updated

The GTD application OmniFocus has been updated today to version 1.01 Sneaky Peak.

OmniGroup have two trains of updates now for the OmniFocus application. By default, your installation of OmniFocus will ask you to upgrade to the latest version when it is released. This is classed as the Sneaky Peek Build Train. On this train you will get minor updates as they are released from OmniGroup.

The second update train is to just get the major versions, and the next one will be version 1.01 Final. As the default is to get the Sneaky Peak updates, to disable this, and only get the major updates, you have to exit from OmniFocus and enter the following command:

defaults remove com.omnigroup.OmniFocus OSUVisibleTracks

So far in the Sneaky Peak update it is mainly bug fixes and no new functionality has been released. Obviously I am following this very closely and will report when new features are available within OmniFocus.

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