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May 31 2007

Writing to Get Things Done

Over the past couple of weeks I have been writing more than ever. Not so much on this blog but I have had to write quite a lot of documentation on a job I am working on right now. Now, I am no stranger to writing, having authored several technical books so I am pretty […]

May 23 2007

Zig Ziglar – Inspire Motivational Podcast

I have been a great fan of Zig Ziglar since I was intrigued by hearing his name in 1999. I cannot believe that it is 8 years ago now! In that 8 years I must have heard nearly everything that Zig has produced, including reading quite a few of his books and his auto-biography. If […]

May 23 2007

125 Code Snippets for Web Designers

I know this is not GTD related but I found a blog that had linked to and they had a cool blog entry that has 125 cool code snippets for web designers. Now I know a lot of my readers are fellow bloggers and these types of code snippets will work fine within WordPress […]

May 15 2007

Great GTD List

Just found a great GTD list over at Zen Habits. Why reinvent the wheel, so you may as well go ahead and check it out! Over 40 blogs now that cover GTD, wow, we are gaining some real traction!

May 12 2007

Duncan Bannatyne – Anyone Can Do It – Book Review

Thought I would bring you all another book review as I have just finished reading the auto-biography of Duncan Bannatyne, titled “Anyone Can Do It“. Duncan Bannatyne has become well known in the UK but I guess that outside the US he is would be not as well known. People in the UK will know […]

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May 1 2007

OmniFocus – Alpha Introduction and Feature Demo

There has been quite a lot of buzz around the GTD community about the long awaited OmniFocus from the Omni Group. Anyway, there is an Alpha Introduction and Feature Demo video posted on the Omni Blog. The video is around 26 minutes long and provides a great overview of the features within OmniFocus. Be sure […]

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May 1 2007

Increase Your Productivity – Buy a Large Monitor!

Well, it is known amongst my friends that I am waiting for Apple to release the rumored update to the 30″ Apple Cinema Display so that I can buy one. I converted to the Mac around 18 months ago, starting with a 12″ iBook that I used to use as well as my Dell laptop […]

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