Increase Your Productivity – Buy a Large Monitor!

GTD with a large MonitorWell, it is known amongst my friends that I am waiting for Apple to release the rumored update to the 30″ Apple Cinema Display so that I can buy one.

I converted to the Mac around 18 months ago, starting with a 12″ iBook that I used to use as well as my Dell laptop running Windows XP. It was not long before the Dell Laptop went to somebody else at the company I then was a Director of and I purchased the upgrade to a shiny 17″ MacBook Pro. You could say that I have never looked back and I have converted quite a few others to the Mac way of life. Without boring you all here, if you need and/or rely on a computer for your income, try, and the you will buy a Mac. Sure, they do not play the latest games, so buy a PS3 as well! I was a total Microsoft addict, having being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer (MCSE) since 1995 and having made a considerable amount of money out of Microsoft consulting so I thought I would never buy a Mac, that is until I actually used one. I ate humble pie and it was the sweetest pie I have ever tasted!

Anyway, back onto the Cinema Displays. The Apple Cinema Displays are very nice. The 30″ will be fantastic for me as I spend most of my working days, and nights staring at my screen. Now the screen on my 17″ MacBook Pro is great, but the 30″ Cinema display is in a league of its own. Sure it is expensive, and people say the Dell 30″ is better value for money but my mind is made up that I want one, and I have saved the money to buy one. It is rumored that Apple are to release a new Cinema Display range, hopefully with built in iSights and also a HDMI input (handy for my newly acquired GTD distracting PS3).

Well, as if I had needed another excuse to buy one! That is until I read the 30″ Apple Cinema Display Productivity Benchmark PDF that I found well hidden within the Apple website.

Wow, what a great read! Taking a few quotes from the report:

High-resolution displays such as the
30-inch Apple Cinema HD Display can
result in measurable productivity and efficiency gains

Productivity gains were present in not only professional design and publishing, digital imaging, and digital video, but also in general productivity and office applications such as word processors and spreadsheets.

Cumulated productivity gains linked to a large, high-resolution display can lead to a return on investment (ROI) of several thousand dollars per year.

Be sure to read the full report. It is a great six page read that is very interesting and what more reason do you need to go and invest in one now!

3 thoughts on “Increase Your Productivity – Buy a Large Monitor!

  1. Richard

    Totally. My Dell notebook has a 17″ 1920×1200 screen built-in and I lust after a desk screen to match the res. I move around quite a bit and am sitting on a couch right now, so I’ll have to use that as a reason to console myself, saying “not that useful.”

    But I know full well that if I had a 30″ in the house, that’s where I’d be sitting!

  2. Jeroen Sangers

    Some people argue that is it better to have two smaller displays than one 30″ cinema display. I am still at 15″ so can’t tell, but if I would upgrade, I would probably go for 2×20″.

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