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Dec 16 2009

Crush It! – Review of Gary Vaynerchuck’s Social Media Book

If you are involved in social media then no doubt you will have heard of the book Crush It!, by Gary Vaynerchuck. Gary Vaynerchuck is the guy behind, the excellent video blog that has taken the Wine world by Storm. Gary has a unique and passionate approach to his work and this is very […]

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Apr 5 2009

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 5th April 2009

I am again sat writing this on the train from Leeds to London. Still enjoying the Free WiFi on the train and looking forward to another two days on a course down in London. Life is still very busy for me. We had our best ever month at my business last month so there is […]

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Dec 10 2008

Tycoon – Peter Jones Book Review

I do not know how well known Peter Jones is in the US but here in the UK Peter Jones is an Entrepreneur who is part of the Dragons Den TV series. Dragons Den is an investment business show shown on the BBC. I love Dragons Den, although I must admit that the last series […]

Dec 8 2008

Books to Read at Christmas – Well, books that a productivity blogger would read

I have just ordered myself two books to read over the holiday season. Now, these are not your traditional festive tales of snowmen and Santa Claus, but what would you expect from a productivity blogger? The first book I ordered is The Creative Habit by Twyla Tharp. I first heard about this book via 43Folders […]

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Oct 29 2008

Seven Decisions for Success Mind Map

Whilst going through some old posts from this blog, I pulled out a review of a great book that I read, and reviewed pretty much within the first month of launching this blog. The book was the Travelers Gift, Seven Decisions that Determine Personal Success, by Andy Andrews. As the blog has just launched, I […]

Oct 20 2008

ProBlogger – Blog Your Way to a Six Figure Income Book Review

I came across the ProBlogger site when I first got into blogging a couple of years ago. I used to read the ProBlogger blog and picked up some great tips from it in the early days. The ProBlogger blog is written by Darren Rowse. The Problogger book caught my attention when it first came out […]

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Jul 26 2008

The Secret of Thinking Big

After my last post about the review of The Magic of Thinking Big, I have just found this amateur video on YouTube about the book that I thought I would share.

Jul 26 2008

The Magic of Thinking Big – Book Review

One book that I have read quite recently was The Magic of Thinking Big, by Dr David J. Schwartz. The book is written by Dr David J. Schwartz who was a professor at Georgia State University before starting a consulting firm that focuses on leadership development. The front cover of the book drew me in […]

Jun 18 2008

How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis Book Review

One of the books I read whilst away in Portugal was the How to Get Rich book by Felix Dennis. I bought this book a few months ago following an Amazon suggestion. The title intrigued me as wealth is something that I am constantly striving for and I read many books on the subject. I […]

Jan 13 2008

The Google Story – Book Review

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