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Jun 24 2007

Cool New GTD Mind Mapping Tool – From MindMeister

If you do not know, I am a real advocate of Mind Mapping. I map everything, and I mean everything! I also run a Mind Mapping blog,, aimed at Computer Certifications such as the CISSP, CEH, and Cisco Certifications. I have previously posted about MindMeister, a rather cool Web2.0 Mind Mapping application that is […]

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Jun 14 2007

Moleskine Meets the Techie

I know this has been written about a lot in the GTD community, and kind of the reason why I had to buy one. Well, I recently bought my first Moleskine! So, for those who do not know, a Moleskine is a notebook. An Italian notebook to be precise that was used by the likes […]

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