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Nov 20 2008

BlackBerry Storm Released in UK

BlackBerry fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the newest model from the pioneering web phone company which develops the units. The Storm model has just been released in the UK with North American distribution scheduled for less than a week from now. The BlackBerry Storm is an updated model of the popular gadget with […]

Nov 18 2008

Dixau Text Scanner – Time Saving Scanner

Just been looking at the Dixau Text Scanner; a gadget which is able to scan pages and pick out relevant information and I thought I would write a little review of it, as it is classed as a Productivity Gadget. Although the biggest market for such a device is probably with students the Text Scanner […]

Nov 11 2008

Auto Card Manager Simplifies Wallet Storage

It may seem silly to consider a card managing wallet as a productivity gadget but the bottom line often is that if something can save time and remove stress then it’s usually worthwhile in this department. Thus, the Auto Card Manager has been created in order to provide a hyper-organized alternative to the mess that […]

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