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Evernote iPhone Application Review

Evernote on the iPhone
Evernote is in my opinion one of the best productivity applications available on the Internet and, luckily, the iPhone application (which serves as translation to this service) is a great mobile access method.

I use the Web, Mac, and iPhone versions of Evernote and it has saved my bacon on more than one occasion.

The creators of the app have paid close attention to the strong suits of Apple’s gadget with the ultimate result of producing a strong, efficient and extremely useful tool.

The same features which users look for in the traditional version of Evernote are all represented here and have been tailored to complement the iPhone technology aptly.

Users are able to create and edit memo documents easily from the program’s menu as well as take quick reminder photos using the built-in camera. Evernote has also made good use of the iPhone’s microphone to allow for convenient recording of voice memos.

Synchronization and offline viewing help to extend the program’s functionality so that it is truly worth using and counting on within every situation where a note can be taken and/or organized.

The iPhone iteration of Evernote is certainly worth a download for both existing users and those just looking for a solid organizational program to help maintain or increase their daily productivity.

A wide feature base and design which encourages usage throughout any situation combine to make the Evernote iPhone app an invaluable productivity tool.

Do you use Evernote? If so, I would love to hear the cool ways in which you use this application to make you more productive.

BlackBerry Storm Released in UK

Blackberry StormBlackBerry fans have been eagerly awaiting news of the newest model from the pioneering web phone company which develops the units. The Storm model has just been released in the UK with North American distribution scheduled for less than a week from now.

The BlackBerry Storm is an updated model of the popular gadget with brand new features which seek to provide some solid competition for Apple’s iPhone. Aside from the updated touch-screen features, Storm is also outfitted with a handful of additional updates meant to draw existing BlackBerry customers to the new model.

A remodeled digital camera/camcorder has been fit into Storm along with a re-imagining of the keyboard functions which made BlackBerry so prolific in the past. Users are able to choose between a traditional QWERTY layout or the updated SurePress and multi-tap, cell-phone style options.

While some users remain hesitant about adopting the BlackBerry Storm and it’s new, touch-screen approach, the company has added subtle effects (such as clicking sounds when keys are pressed) in order to keep the fan-base satisfied.

Generally superb reviews and years of development should help the wary ease their concern about picking up a BlackBerry Storm. The web phone is certainly a fantastic choice for those in the market for a mobile device which easily (and affordably) combines communication, internet access and fun gadgetry into one sleek looking package.

Check out the official web page of the BlackBerry Storm.

It will be interesting to see what productivity and GTD applications come out for the Storm. Of course I will be reviewing them here when they do come out.

Dixau Text Scanner – Time Saving Scanner

Just been looking at the Dixau Text Scanner; a gadget which is able to scan pages and pick out relevant information and I thought I would write a little review of it, as it is classed as a Productivity Gadget.

Although the biggest market for such a device is probably with students the Text Scanner is definitely exciting for anyone who must tediously deal with large volumes of writing on a daily basis.

Tasks such as rewriting quotes or passages from any textual documents (including magazines, research materials, books, business reports, etc.) can be cleanly recognized and clipped by the Dixau Text Scanner and then copied into a text editor.

It saves an incredible amount of time usually spent typing or writing out words from a physical source, acting as something like a highly-evolved scanner. Also interesting is the Text Scanner’s ability to reference secondary sources by picking out keywords. Dixau consults Wikipedia, Google and e-dictionaries to supplement whatever material you may be working with.

The gadget is extremely exciting as a time-saving expansion on reading and editing. The implications of its system on both learning and more efficient work make it an extremely worthwhile piece of technology.

Whether used as a short-cut toward quicker reference or as a means of copying out text, the Dixau Text Scanner is one of the most innovative productivity gadgets ever created.

I have managed to find a video showing the scanner in action. It is a Japanese, or at least it looks Japanese video although the audio is in English.

<a target="_blank" rel="nofollow" href="http://video.msn.com/?mkt=en-US&#038;playlist=videoByUuids:uuids:728e6606-662a-49e2-8284-c51ecab8e1f3&#038;showPlaylist=true&#038;from=msnvideo" target="_new" title="Dixau - Automatic Dictionary Scanner">Video: Dixau &#8211; Automatic Dictionary Scanner</a>

Hope you found this little Productivity Gadget review useful. Looks a neat little tool. They are priced around $90 but I have not yet found a link to buy them, when I do I will post it here.