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I have been using Twitter for quite a while now and I think it is a fantastic resource for following like minded people and learning about them as well as getting cool resources from them. I am building a Productivity Twitterers list to group together Productivity Bloggers and Productivity Companies. To get on this list please either Contact Me via this blog or send me a direct message on Twitter. I will need your Name, Twitter Username, Site URL, and Site Name.

Productivity Bloggers

Andrew Mason - masontech - Did I Get Things Done David Allen - gtdguy - David Co GTD Edith Robertson - Opusx0 - Golf Wine Cigars and GTD James Mallinson - jmallinson - OrganizeIT Dragos Roua - edragonu - eDragonU Kris Rowlands - FreshFocus - Fresh Focus Leo Babauta - zen_habits - Zen Habits Steve Pavlina - stevepavlina - Tim Ferriss - tferriss - Four Hour Work Week Jamie Harrop - jamieharrop - Gina Trapani - ginatrapani - Liferhacker Patrick Rhone - patrickrhone - Patrick Rhone's Journal

Productivity Companies

The Omni Group - omnigroup - OmniGroup OmniFocus - omnifocus - OmniFocus Cultured Code - culturedcode - Things from Cultured Code Evernote - evernote - Evernote Spring Partners - springpartners - SpringPad Nozbe - MichaelNozbe - Nozbe
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