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Jun 26 2008

Great OmniFocus GTD App Review at Apple Briefs

Just been reading a great review of OmniFocus over at the Apple Briefs website. I had never come accorss the Apple Briefs website before but my Google Alert that is set to Track for OmniFocus brought it to me. it is a pretty good and true review of OmniFocus and is worth a read.

Jun 19 2008

Freeline Report on Getting Things Done

Just watched this little video from YouTube. It is the Freeline Report for free online GTD Apps. Worth a watch and the Freeline Reports are actually pretty good for 2 minute snippets.

Jun 18 2008

How to Get Rich – Felix Dennis Book Review

One of the books I read whilst away in Portugal was the How to Get Rich book by Felix Dennis. I bought this book a few months ago following an Amazon suggestion. The title intrigued me as wealth is something that I am constantly striving for and I read many books on the subject. I […]

Jun 16 2008

iPhone Meets the Moleskine

Being a Moleskine and iPhone fan I thought I would share this neat little video with you. Not much use that I can think of but 2 minutes of light fun

Jun 16 2008

OmniFocus, GTD for iPhone Update

I have just been reading a great post over at 43Folders about the impending release of OmniFocus for the iPhone. It is worth a read as Merlin Mann from has acted as a consultant on the OmniFocus project. One new thing that this post brings is information about location aware contexts. So, this means […]

Jun 16 2008

2 Weeks Holiday – 72 Tasks Collected and Processed

Well, after a great two weeks in Praia Da Luz, Portugal, I am back! Normally, as we all find, any lengthy absence from work results in a return where we dread turning on our computers to see how many emails have arrived and how many tasks we have to plan once back. In fact, it […]

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Jun 10 2008

OmniFocus – GTD For the iPhone

The Apple WWDC Keynote was yesterday, with Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone to be released on the 11th of July along with version 2.0 of the iPhone software that allows third party developers to code apps for the iPhone. I have had an iPhone since they came out in the US, and hacked it […]

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