OmniFocus, GTD for iPhone Update

OmniFocus iPhoneI have just been reading a great post over at 43Folders about the impending release of OmniFocus for the iPhone.

It is worth a read as Merlin Mann from has acted as a consultant on the OmniFocus project.

One new thing that this post brings is information about location aware contexts. So, this means that the iPhone can prompt you what needs to be done based upon where you are. Now, that sounds very cool to me and a feature that I am sure will be great to use. I eagerly await this release, hopefully on the 11th of July although I have not seen any firm dates yet.

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One thought on “OmniFocus, GTD for iPhone Update

  1. jdwalt

    I’m trying to get someone to help me make the choice between Nozbe and OmniFocus for a GTD software application. can you help me with some basic analysis and perhaps a recommendation. i have a macbook pro and an iphone if that helps.

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