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Aug 31 2008

GTD and Productivity Links – 31st August 2008

Yet another busy but productive week for me. Hope you have all enjoyed your weeks. Sure does not seem like a week since my first post with my weekly GTD and Productivity Links. Here are my links for this week. My first link is a business week article titled Getting Serious about Getting Things Done. […]

Aug 28 2008

Old But True – Set Targets to Achieve Goals

On the 14th of September I am running the Cancer Research UK 10K Run at Harewood House in Leeds. I am raising money for Cancer Research and also getting fit in the process. You can sponsor me online by following this link and all the money goes to Cancer Research, so please feel free to […]

Aug 27 2008

Email Productivity Experiment

Email is one of my main communication methods and in a quest to try and improve my productivity, I am going to start a little experiment into getting the most out of email. Hopefully, this is going to lead to an ebook that I have been planning for a while. This ebook will outline my […]

Aug 24 2008

GTD and Productivity Links – 24th August 2008

In a bid to ramp up the content and readership of this site, I plan to start a new section of this blog with a collection of weekly links. I am very active in the GTD, Productivity and Motivation arenas and I think it is great how many blogs are appearing right now. I find […]

Aug 17 2008

Woopra – Track Your Web Site Visitors in Real Time Better than Google Analytics

At the Bloggers Meet-up I attended on Friday I had the chance to get a beta invite code for Woopra. Woopra is a Web Site Analytics program similar in operation to Google Analytics. These type of Analytics differ from the log based Analytics Apps such as AWStats that is provided with most hosting accounts. The […]

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Aug 17 2008

Northern UK Bloggers Meet-Up

On Friday night I attended the first UK bloggers meet-up that was held in the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds City Centre. The event was organised by Jamie Harrop and Chris Garrett. The aim of the event was to bring together local bloggers who were interested in organising some regular meet-ups and all day events […]

Aug 10 2008

Not Getting Things Done – NGTD

Just a quick bit of humor for how not to get things done courtesy of the Look Shiny Blog. I guess if you want to get things done, follow the exact reverse of everything said in this video. Well, it made me laugh anyway

Aug 10 2008

Thank You – 2015 RSS Readers and Counting

On the 25th of January 2008,. I wrote a little note thanking all my readers as I had just hit the 1000 RSS subscriber mark. Well, I am happy to say that I am now over the 2000 RSS subscriber mark, peaking at 2061 RSS Subscribers. I guess 3000 is the next goal. It has […]

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