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Dec 15 2008

7 Things About Me

I guess the prominence of my blog is growing as I have just been tagged in a meme game by Dragos from eDragonu. Seems like a good idea to let all my blog readers know more about me as well as to get 7 more blogger’s involved so here goes. First, here are the rules. […]

Dec 12 2008 is running WordPress 2.7

Just a quick post to test out the posting functionality of WordPress 2.7 which I upgraded this blog to earlier today. All seems in order, had a sight issue with some of the plugins not getting re activated after my upgrade. I am very impressed with the new WordPress interface. I think this is probably […]

Dec 3 2008

New Blog Alias –

In order to make things easier for my readers, and shorten what is quite a long domain name for this blog I have registered the domain name and pointed it to the existing domain name. Therefore, from now you can use either the existing domain name or to get to this blog. I […]

Nov 23 2008

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 23rd November 2008

This week I am linking to five blogs that I have never linked to before. Some of these are established and some are total newbies to Productivity Blogging. Great to see new blogs appearing all the time. If you have a new blog and have some great posts, be sure to let me know and […]

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Nov 13 2008

AwayFind – Increase your Email Productivity

In the last update from my email productivity experiment, I mentioned that I had been told about a new online service called AwayFind which apparently would help with the issues I was having. This blog post is worth reading as it will save you time, just as it saved me time. I use AwayFind as […]

Sep 19 2008

StumbleUpon – The Second Northern Bloggers Meetup

Well, I have just arrived home from the second Northern UK Bloggers Meetup. After the success of the first meetup, I could not wait to see what else I could learn from the second, and also what people I would meet. As before, the event was organised by Jamie Harrop and the main speaker for […]

Aug 17 2008

Woopra – Track Your Web Site Visitors in Real Time Better than Google Analytics

At the Bloggers Meet-up I attended on Friday I had the chance to get a beta invite code for Woopra. Woopra is a Web Site Analytics program similar in operation to Google Analytics. These type of Analytics differ from the log based Analytics Apps such as AWStats that is provided with most hosting accounts. The […]

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Aug 17 2008

Northern UK Bloggers Meet-Up

On Friday night I attended the first UK bloggers meet-up that was held in the Old Broadcasting House in Leeds City Centre. The event was organised by Jamie Harrop and Chris Garrett. The aim of the event was to bring together local bloggers who were interested in organising some regular meet-ups and all day events […]

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