Round Toit iPhone App Review

Round ToitiPhone owners can pick and choose from a staggering number of productivity applications, many of which are excellent in their own right, but the aim of your organizational goals is usually the most important criteria for choosing the right download.

Round Toit is pretty much just another of many to-do list applications but it succeeds in finding a good way to channel all of your tasks into a solid, temporary holding tank.

I first heard of the term a Round Toit from Zig Ziglar who is told to carry one in his pocket as his business card. Then when people say that haven’t got around to it, he would give them his card and say “You have now”.

Round Toit succeeds in its work toward providing a fully realized grouping and sorting system for all types of data. The application doesn’t aspire to be something that it isn’t and focuses well on the specific task of collecting and organizing all sorts of data the user has collected.

Items can be prioritized in different manners and allow for customized alerts, deadlines and more while unsorted work can be filtered into organized and/or unorganized categories for later handling. All lists can be moved around or edited quite easily and the overall view is clean and pleasant to look at.

The application costs $4.99 to download but may very well be worth the entry fee for iPhone owners in the market for a new productivity application. Probably the best way to assess Round Toit is within its stated framework as a to-do list and nothing else.

Users expecting a fully formed GTD app will be disappointed with the lack of options but those interested in a fantastic, virtual dumping point for new work and memos will likely be quite pleased with what Round Toit accomplishes.

9 thoughts on “Round Toit iPhone App Review

  1. Joe

    Thanks for the review. This is my app and I am glad to see someone review it as it is, “virtual dumping point for new work and memos”.

  2. Joe

    I had told a friend, “when I get arond to it” and he emailed me an image of a circle with to it in the middle. I liked that and when I started building this app I was calling it Get Around ToIt, but that was too long. I settled on Round Toit initially and later changed it to Round To It.

    My main motivation was a list app that lets you add items just as fast as writing them done and the requests came in for this and that and they made sense.

  3. Andrew Mason Post author


    Thanks for letting me know. Zig Ziglar mentions around toit in his CDs and his first book. I am guessing your friend picked it up from a reference from Zig!


  4. Dana

    Any chance you could port this to a desktop/web interface too? Would love to be able to add tasks easier, and access from anywhere (or at least there) LOVE the way you think, and explain the contents, this is my fav so far. It’s really valuable to me. Would love to see it via the desktop. Great job!

  5. Mike

    Fantastic App. I would like to echo Dana’s opinion that a desktop interface would be brilliant.
    One small observation though. When using the App whilst holing the IPAD ,upside down, the app autorotates but the popup Edit Details box does not. Can you fix this in a future update?

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