Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 18th January 2009

Another very productive week for me. I have been working on a very long customer report all week and also my latest eBook writing project for Cisco Press.

Deadlines really help you to focus and I am happy to say that I hit another one. Good planning and time allocation are key to working on a writing project with a deadline. I avoid procrastination and start early. There is nothing worse than leaving everything to the last minute, by which time you put yourself under undue pressure!

Here are my collection of links for this week.

I am just getting ready to set off to Havant near Portsmouth for three nights. This time my hotel advertises Free WiFi Internet so let’s see how good the connection is.

Hope you all have a great week.

2 thoughts on “Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 18th January 2009

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  2. Time Saving Software

    Andrew, I am fond of deadlines too… I love the WHOOSHing sound they make as they go by. Sorry… couldn’t help throwing that favorite joke in. I enthusiastically agree about laying a project out on the calendar, though. And I always encourage people (including me) to “front load” the project. By scheduling more time early in the project, we can avoid missing important deadlines because of unforeseen interruptions or delays. Not that this happens in technology projects, of course… *g*.

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