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Aug 4 2009

Robert Scoble, Michael Deutch, and Mind Mapping

What a great combination to get together and make a video! Robert Scoble (scobleizer) is one of the best tech bloggers and tech evangelists, Michael Deutch is a Mind Mapping Evangelist for MindJet, the creators of MindManager. I love Mind Mapping and I map every day! Here is an awesome 27 minute video where Robert […]

Feb 12 2009

Getting Things Done with Mind Maps

This is a nice little video from the Internet Business Mastery that covers Getting Things Done and how you can use Mind Mapping to Get Things Done. The video shows the use of MindMeister. I also use Mind Manager from MindJet on my Mac and PC. I love Mind Mapping, do you?

Feb 1 2009

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 1st February 2009

Well, one month down in 2009 already. Hope your year is working out well. I have been bashing the @Home context again this weekend removing the tiles from our bathroom in preparation for a tiler to arrive next week. Need a well earned break in front of my computer tonight to catch up on what […]

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Jan 18 2009

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 18th January 2009

Another very productive week for me. I have been working on a very long customer report all week and also my latest eBook writing project for Cisco Press. Deadlines really help you to focus and I am happy to say that I hit another one. Good planning and time allocation are key to working on […]

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Jan 17 2009

Mind Mapping to Increase Productivity

The MindJet Blog have just had a great post about increasing productivity through Mind Mapping. This post included a link to a Mind Map that displays the way Mind Mapping can be used to increase productivity. The link provided from MindJet only allows you to download the Mind Manager version so I have PDF’d the […]

Nov 19 2008

Mind Map Application MindManager Updates to v8

Mind Manager, what I consider to be the best Mind Mapping application has just upgraded to version 8. At this point this upgrade is only for Windows users so if you are a Mac user like me, you have to stick with the version 7 for Mac until version 8 comes out. The Windows version […]

Sep 10 2008

Using MindManager as a Single Project Dashboard

Mind Mapping is something I have blogged quite a lot about and something that I use on a daily basis. The visual representation of your thoughts and ideas really can help in the planning phase and it is a fantastic way to study or learn pretty much any topic. Well, I had just found a […]

Feb 6 2008

Boost your Productivity with MindManager – Free Webinar

I am a real advocate of Mind Mapping. I have just read on the MindJet Blog about an upcoming Free Webinar on the 7th of February that covers Boosting your Productivity with MindManager. Here is the blurb from the MindJet Website.. Don’t we all want to work smarter, think creatively, and save time? One of […]

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