Robert Scoble, Michael Deutch, and Mind Mapping

What a great combination to get together and make a video!

Robert Scoble (scobleizer) is one of the best tech bloggers and tech evangelists, Michael Deutch is a Mind Mapping Evangelist for MindJet, the creators of MindManager.

I love Mind Mapping and I map every day!

Here is an awesome 27 minute video where Robert and Michael discuss Mind Mapping and the MindManager product.

I hope you agree with me that this is an awesome video, thanks Robert and Michael!

17 thoughts on “Robert Scoble, Michael Deutch, and Mind Mapping

  1. stephen

    You may want to check out, a very nicely award-winner mind mapping software. It’s clear, focused, easy to navigate, worth a try.
    Its open source version just wins “The Best Project for Academia” on

  2. anon

    Love MinMap – however, I would rather tear my arm off and beat myself unconscious with it than try to print a large (hundred+ nodes) map again. Manually rearranging everything, no auto scaling of fonts, it’s like living in the stone age with MindManager regarding this.

  3. Michael Deutch

    Thanks for the post! It was awesome meeting Robert and having the chance to share a bit more about MindManager. So, when are you coming out to SF for a visit?

  4. Andrew Mason Post author

    @Michael Deutch:

    I am in Italy right now, just near Venice. Would love to come out to SF as I have never been! Must get something planned in the diary ๐Ÿ™‚

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  6. Marc


    anybody out there willing to help a poor guy on the verge of getting off the gtd wagon??!! ๐Ÿ™ man, I’m really struggling to get this done… I’ve recently discovered Mindmapping and mindmanager and I love it but I can’t see to find a reasonable way to implement GTD on it. If I have say 10 maps with several branches, how do you define next actions and manage to “see” all of them in order to priorize, etc?

    Pleeeeeeease, help ๐Ÿ™

  7. @MichaelDeutch

    If you’re planning to use just mapping, I’d recommend checking out Gyronix add-in for MindManager. They have built an add-in, results manager, that lets you create a dashboard roll-up of multiple maps. They were actually the guys that introduced David Allen to mind mapping with MindManager!

  8. Marc

    Hello Michael,

    I’ve already started using it but it is sooo slow. I’m interested in knowing how you implemet gtd… I’ve seen a post on your blog about it (named MIAW…) but there is something I don’t understand or didn’t see… How do you manage your actions??

    Mindmanager is greate for maping out thoughts etc what do you do with your next actions? Do you keep them on a paper or in mm? I would very much appreciate you going little more into detail on that…

    Any better software for mind mapping and gtd? Tpassist looks rather poor…

    Thanks Michael, really appreciate your help.

  9. Michael Deutch

    I have a hybrid approach. I map projects out in MindManager. I keep my next actions in Outlook (I use an Outlook add-in). If I decide to work on a project,I’ll start with next actions in Outlook. When they’re completed, and if I want to continue on that project, I’ll open up the map and work through my full list of actions. Before I leave the project I’ll update outlook with any remaining next actions. I also use the weekly review to reconcile. It’s an imperfect science for me today. I do have some ‘feature’ reqeusts in with the Mindjet team to make this easier!

  10. Marc

    Hello Michael,

    sorry about the delay in my response but I needed to get some sleep, I’m located in Spain… ๐Ÿ™‚

    is there any chance you can record a video about your workflow? What about that pluggin, who’s the vendor? Is it the one included with ResultManager? How do you tag/label your tasks in order for your system to tell them apart (projects, actions, areas of responsability, 30000ft, etc?)? Does that pluggin enable context list? How about journaling and colaborative work (need to report to my boss weekly about project status and actions completed)?

    Sorry about the overwhelming amount of questions but as I said, I’m pretty worried about it all… Don’t seem to be able to get my head out of the mess around me.

    Thanks a lit in advance!!!


  11. Michael Deutch

    Marc, I’m super-jealous now! I think you need to fly me in for some 1:1 consulting ๐Ÿ™‚

    I posted a webinar about how I GTD with MindManager and Outlook. You can access it here:

    re: your questions:

    is there any chance you can record a video about your workflow? more or less covered in the video.

    What about that pluggin, whoโ€™s the vendor? Netcentrics – bought it on David Allen’s store.

    Is it the one included with ResultManager? No

    How do you tag/label your tasks in order for your system to tell them apart (projects, actions, areas of responsability, 30000ft, etc?)? You’ll see it in my video. I don’t keep tasks in 20,000 or above. They represent goals and goals have projects that live in 10,000′.

    Does that pluggin enable context list? In outlook, yes.

    How about journaling and colaborative work (need to report to my boss weekly about project status and actions completed)? I copy from my dashboard and paste into ‘team’ map which is reviewed collaboratively on a weekly basis.

    Hope this helps!

  12. Michael Deutch

    Ker-ching! ๐Ÿ™‚ Marc, yes!

    Each site operates differently based on how it was developed on their end. Essentially, you attach links to any site (or Google Doc) to a MindManager 8 topic. Then, click the link in MindManager and it opens inside of our embedded browser. It lets you work in context. I posted another example of this on the Mindjet blog this week. It was a CAD expert who uses both maps and Autodesk Design Review together!

    Another example, my own, was when I wrote an article that was recently published in a magazine. I collaborated with another writer in South Carolina. We both worked in the same map (collaboratively, using Mindjet Connect). The map held our research and outline. The writing took place in Google Docs. We both worked on the map and draft in Google simultaneously and viewing both at the same time. It was way cool!

  13. Marc

    hi Michael, it’s good to hear from you!!! I haven’t been notified about your response ๐Ÿ™

    Although what you explain sounds cool, that is not the integration I’m dreaming about… I’ve tried several approaches to implementing gtd and I’ve failed miserably all the times… There was a time, when I used RTM as my main gtd tool, when I would actually get things done by setting due dates. I would be notified every morning about the “commited” next actions and wouldn’t erase the email untill they had not been carried out.

    Anyway, what I’m looking for is a product or whatever that will integrateย 
    – a real project management tool for tracking who is responsable for a certain area of a project
    – a good task manager tool for managing identified actions by context, due date, etc (RTM is a killer app but there are many others that work good as well)
    – a mind mapping tool for gaining perspective

    Of course all these different tools should seamlessly integrare with each other… I know that I’m probably dreaming but I’m positive this is the right integration. Have you heard about an app called mylifeorganized?? You can import maps generated with mindmanager but the whole story ends there, no full integration possible… I may need to investigate a little further ย but though it does the trick it isn’t a full blown integration ๐Ÿ™ย 

    Man, you guys at mindjet can do it.. Mind manager is the ground level system upon everything else is to be build. If only you came up with this sort of solution… We need this!!! ย  ย ย 

  14. Marc

    Michael, still around!?? Am I the only one having this dream?? Are you guys at mindjet working on some sort if integration of this kind?

    Thanks and happy new year (almost)!!!


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