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Robert Scoble, Michael Deutch, and Mind Mapping

What a great combination to get together and make a video!

Robert Scoble (scobleizer) is one of the best tech bloggers and tech evangelists, Michael Deutch is a Mind Mapping Evangelist for MindJet, the creators of MindManager.

I love Mind Mapping and I map every day!

Here is an awesome 27 minute video where Robert and Michael discuss Mind Mapping and the MindManager product.

I hope you agree with me that this is an awesome video, thanks Robert and Michael!

MindMeister Upgrades to Version 2.0

MindMeister 2.0

You will all know that I love Mind Mapping, and I also love MindMeister, the online Mind Mapping Collaboration tool.

Well, the guys at MindMeister have just updated their software to version 2.0 and included a few cool features.

What’s New in MindMeister?

Our users often tell us that they like MindMeister because of its intuitive interface and overall simplicity. That’s why we try to add only the most necessary features in new releases – and still, this time it turned out to be quite a long list 😉

Oh, and don’t fret if you can’t find your pet feature below, in spite of all the talk about simplicity some more updates are coming soon!

Task information on ideas
As a first step to lightweight project management in MindMeister you can now add task information – priority, completion, due date and owner – to ideas. More to come!

Attachments on ideas
You can now upload file attachments to ideas and preview images through inline thumbnails. This feature is for Premium users only, but everybody can try it out for 30 days.

WunderLink and WunderNote
Try out these new functions to magically add links and notes to your ideas, using the wonders of the web. WunderLink gets its link from a little Yahoo! search performed in the background, while WunderNote uses a FreeBase database lookup.

Automatic text wraps
Idea captions will now automatically wrap at a certain length to avoid overlong nodes (you can keep the old behaviour by adding manual line breaks with Shift-RETURN)

More Geistesblitz features
In our constant quest to improve the Geistesblitz tools we have now added email support and a Geistesblitz Activity for Internet Explorer 8. With email support, you can send single Geistesblitzes or while mind maps just through an email.

Subsharing for maps
New option to allow collaborators to invite others when sharing a map – this will also work for already shared maps

Print and export enhancements
New option to center map on printout, PDF export of mind map now includes notes

Formatting and navigation enhancements
Apply text styles selectively to child ideas, nicer formatting of first level branches, ability to expand and collapse levels

More note and link enhancements
Advanced and larger note editor with more formatting options, new links widget in sidebar, “Show popular links” for idea

OpenID and Paypal support
Support for signup and login through OpenIDs and Paypal support when upgrading to commercial licenses.

Other enhancements
Nicer invitation and sharing emails, new user options, improved support for Safari and Opera, performance improvements through better script and image loading.

This is a huge upgrade with some rather cool features. Be sure to check out MindMeister as best of all, the basic version is free and easy to use.