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Quicksilver for Getting Things Done (Mac Only)

Just read a great little post over at Lifehacker. I am a real fan of Quicksilver on my Mac and use it every day. Since the iGTD integration with Quicksilver it has become one of my most frequently used tools on my Mac.

The mouse is just so slow in comparison to using Quicksilver for application launching as well as adding next actions to my iGTD set up.

Anyway, the original post is over at LifeClever so be sure to check it out but I will provide a snapshot of what it is about.

The post is about de-cluttering your desktop to just use 5 folders that all your desktop “stuff” is placed into. You prefix these folder names with a number. You can then use Quicksilver to quickly access your five folders by simply pressing the number of the folder and it automatically opens, no matter where you are on your Mac.

Read the full post and I am sure you will agree it is pretty neat.

Great GTD Interview With David Allen

Just found a great article via that covers David Allen and the Getting Things Done methodology.

I have ready many articles about GTD but this one is one of the best. If you need to explain GTD to somebody, or want to instill your GTD methodology onto somebody then I recommend sending them the link to this article in order to get them to understand what GTD is all about.

The article covers some history about David Allen and where he got the inspiration from in order to start the GTD system. I have been studying GTD for quite a few months, and I have read a lot of GTD articles and I learned a lot from reading this one.

David Allen sits in his small office in a cottage behind his house in Ojai, Calif., talking business with a visitor. Suddenly he stops. “That reminds me,” he says. He scribbles the words “bird feed” on a piece of blank notebook paper and tosses it into his inbox.

It’s an ordinary moment in an ordinary day. But for Allen and his legion of followers, it holds the key to salvation. He has emptied his mind of a nagging task, placed it into a trusted system for processing, and casually returned to his conversation. That’s GTD, short for “Getting Things Done,” the prosaic title of his best-selling book.

So, read the article and also use this to pass onto people to show them what the GTD process is all about!

Getting Things Done GTD With the Apple iPhone

After a six months wait, the Apple iPhone is now available. The iPhone has probably had one of the biggest launches from a PR perspective of any consumer device.

Being in the UK, we have not yet been able to see the iPhone in person as we have to wait until the end of this year for the UK launch. Not a bad thing I guess as hopefully a couple of software problems that may get identified will be ironed out. The big issue so far seems to be the lack of multiple email deletion. This is a problem when you use a POP3 email account and receive lots of Spam. I currently use a Blackberry Pearl and this also causes me a problem.

Anyway, with such a powerful machine acting as a phone, combined with a real slick user interface I am guessing that it is only a matter of time before some GTD application is launched specifically for the iPhone.

Apple have initially locked down the OS on the iPhone so that developers cannot develop third party applications that install to the iPhone. Now this was not what the development community were wanting to hear but it does probably make sense as it does not open the iPhone up to problems with Viruses and other forms of Malware that such a prolific release as this is bound to attract.

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