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Jul 11 2007

Quicksilver for Getting Things Done (Mac Only)

Just read a great little post over at Lifehacker. I am a real fan of Quicksilver on my Mac and use it every day. Since the iGTD integration with Quicksilver it has become one of my most frequently used tools on my Mac. The mouse is just so slow in comparison to using Quicksilver for […]

Jul 4 2007

Great GTD Interview With David Allen

Just found a great article via that covers David Allen and the Getting Things Done methodology. I have ready many articles about GTD but this one is one of the best. If you need to explain GTD to somebody, or want to instill your GTD methodology onto somebody then I recommend sending them the […]

Jul 3 2007

Getting Things Done GTD With the Apple iPhone

After a six months wait, the Apple iPhone is now available. The iPhone has probably had one of the biggest launches from a PR perspective of any consumer device. Being in the UK, we have not yet been able to see the iPhone in person as we have to wait until the end of this […]

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