Quicksilver for Getting Things Done (Mac Only)

Just read a great little post over at Lifehacker. I am a real fan of Quicksilver on my Mac and use it every day. Since the iGTD integration with Quicksilver it has become one of my most frequently used tools on my Mac.

The mouse is just so slow in comparison to using Quicksilver for application launching as well as adding next actions to my iGTD set up.

Anyway, the original post is over at LifeClever so be sure to check it out but I will provide a snapshot of what it is about.

The post is about de-cluttering your desktop to just use 5 folders that all your desktop “stuff” is placed into. You prefix these folder names with a number. You can then use Quicksilver to quickly access your five folders by simply pressing the number of the folder and it automatically opens, no matter where you are on your Mac.

Read the full post and I am sure you will agree it is pretty neat.

2 thoughts on “Quicksilver for Getting Things Done (Mac Only)

  1. Benjamin

    I’ve been using folders on my desktop like this for a couple of years now – it is a wonderful piece of workflow. I hadn’t thought of typing Quicksilver into the game – brlliant! Thanks for the pointer.

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