Getting Things Done GTD With the Apple iPhone

After a six months wait, the Apple iPhone is now available. The iPhone has probably had one of the biggest launches from a PR perspective of any consumer device.

Being in the UK, we have not yet been able to see the iPhone in person as we have to wait until the end of this year for the UK launch. Not a bad thing I guess as hopefully a couple of software problems that may get identified will be ironed out. The big issue so far seems to be the lack of multiple email deletion. This is a problem when you use a POP3 email account and receive lots of Spam. I currently use a Blackberry Pearl and this also causes me a problem.

Anyway, with such a powerful machine acting as a phone, combined with a real slick user interface I am guessing that it is only a matter of time before some GTD application is launched specifically for the iPhone.

Apple have initially locked down the OS on the iPhone so that developers cannot develop third party applications that install to the iPhone. Now this was not what the development community were wanting to hear but it does probably make sense as it does not open the iPhone up to problems with Viruses and other forms of Malware that such a prolific release as this is bound to attract.

Apple stated that the way you write applications for the iPhone is through Safari, the built in and also the Apple flagship web browser. So, as for as GTD applications go,I am sure somebody is going to release a web based application geared especially towards the iPhone, and I for one, and eagerly awaiting being able to get an iPhone in the UK, and also to be able to use it to run my GTD system.

As I stated earlier, I currently use the Blackberry Pearl. I have bought and installed Next Action from S4BB Limited. Full context support and syncs famously with my current GTD solution on my Mac which utilizes Microsoft Entourage.

I will keep my eyes and ears trained looking for the GTD and iPhone news and report on it as it happens.

2 thoughts on “Getting Things Done GTD With the Apple iPhone

  1. Sally

    I’m a BlackBerry user and a huge GTD fan. My collecting system for all the open loops is It’s not exactly a GTD app, but I use it to keep all my incompletes in one place and share them with my co-workers. It works through emails and you don’t have to be logged on to their site all the time. To get the idea you might wanna read this.

  2. Benjamin

    I use an iPod for GTD (there is a bit of explanation on my blog), and am interested to see how well the iPhone or iTouch would work as a GTD device. I like to capture things as audio or pictures, as well as writing, so I am pretty demanding on a PDA, so no blackberry for me.

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