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May 24 2009

Zig Ziglar on Twitter

I have been a massive fan of Zig Ziglar since hearing one of his CDs by chance a good 10 years ago. The Ziglar Corporation are a training and development company that have really embraced the Internet and Social Media. The company is now headed by Zig’s Son, Tom Ziglar. They have a great blog […]

Apr 17 2009

Evernote Adds Twitter Integration

I have a had a busy week working away on a client site with no Internet access so I have been rather cut off, enough to miss this little gem from Evernote. I love Evernote and Twitter so the ability to integrate these caught my attention. So, in a nutshell you can add selective Twitter […]

Feb 1 2009

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 1st February 2009

Well, one month down in 2009 already. Hope your year is working out well. I have been bashing the @Home context again this weekend removing the tiles from our bathroom in preparation for a tiler to arrive next week. Need a well earned break in front of my computer tonight to catch up on what […]

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Jan 23 2009

Twinkle iPhone Twitter Application

Twitter has caught on in a huge way for many internet addicts and blog fanatics alike but the biggest problem with the site can be the time it takes to access and peruse when you’re just looking to make a quick update. The Twinkle app for the iPhone looks to address this by providing a […]

Dec 7 2008

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 7th December 2008

I eventually took the plunge this week and ordered a MacBook Air. I have been wanting one since they came out but it was only due to some unexpected cash coming my way that I thought what the hell and went ahead to buy one. My main machine is a 17″ MacBook Pro hooked up […]

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Dec 1 2008

The Simpsons get an Apple Store

Not really productivity related but I love the Simpsons, and I love Apple products so I thought I would show this video from YouTube that somebody sent me via Twitter. Very funny

Apr 3 2008

GTD Updates via Twitter

Just added the Twitter updater to my blog so the new blog posts automatically get posted to Twitter. More on Twitter is to follow as I am really liking it, after a lapse of using it.

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