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May 24 2009

Zig Ziglar on Twitter

I have been a massive fan of Zig Ziglar since hearing one of his CDs by chance a good 10 years ago. The Ziglar Corporation are a training and development company that have really embraced the Internet and Social Media. The company is now headed by Zig’s Son, Tom Ziglar. They have a great blog […]

Oct 3 2008

Ziglar on Setting Goals – Zig Ziglar

Just thought I would post these great videos from Zig Ziglar. Zig is one of my all time greats when it comes to motivational speakers. His mix of humor and great beliefs make him a pleasure to listen to an learn from. Enjoy the videos and I would love to hear your comments on them. […]

Jul 8 2008

Zig Ziglar – Prime the Pump

I think Zig Ziglar is just great. If you do not know who he is, he is a Southern American Motivational Speaker and has been on the speaking circuit since the 1980s. I have blogged about Zig before and his Motivational Podcast. One of the videos on Zigs podcast is one with his very famous […]

May 23 2007

Zig Ziglar – Inspire Motivational Podcast

I have been a great fan of Zig Ziglar since I was intrigued by hearing his name in 1999. I cannot believe that it is 8 years ago now! In that 8 years I must have heard nearly everything that Zig has produced, including reading quite a few of his books and his auto-biography. If […]

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