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Dec 4 2008

Springpad Online Notebooks Review

A couple of weeks ago I blogged about a new productivity application called Springpad. Springpad is one of the more interesting attempts at organization currently available from designers who wish to provide a fresh take on productivity software. Although it is probably best taken as a single part of a total organizational plan the system […]

Nov 23 2008

5 Vacation Productivity Tips

I am going away tomorrow to Centerparcs with my family. I am looking forward to a nice week in the forest spending quality time with my family. Like many people, I work hard and taking time out is quite hard due to the pressures of running your own business. However, bonding and spending quality time […]

Nov 21 2008

Top 10 Paid iPhone Productivity Apps

I blogged earlier today about the new Using your iPhone to Get Things Done micro site that Apple had just released. One of the items on the micro site is a list of the Top 10 Paid iPhone Productivity Applications. I am presuming this is based upon data from Apple and download information over a […]

Nov 19 2008

Getting Things Done with Springpad

I have just come across Springpad via a Google Alert and thought I would share it all with you. Springpad is a web-based life organizer that is based on free online notebooks, called Springpads. There are Springpads for most items from a Moving Checklist right through to a Daily Diary. There is even a GTD […]

Nov 19 2008

Mind Map Application MindManager Updates to v8

Mind Manager, what I consider to be the best Mind Mapping application has just upgraded to version 8. At this point this upgrade is only for Windows users so if you are a Mac user like me, you have to stick with the version 7 for Mac until version 8 comes out. The Windows version […]

Nov 12 2008

Getting Things Done GTD with Remember The Milk

Remember the Milk is a task management application which enjoys some of the widest support options of any similar program. It fits in nicely with the Getting Things Done methodology as it combines many of David Allen’s key concepts into one tidy, convenient app which can greatly encourage better productivity and lower stress for its […]

Nov 8 2008

reQall iPhone To-Do and Reminder Service Productivity App

reQall is one of the most effective Apple iPhone and iPod Touch productivity applications currently available for users to bring into their day-to-day life. It effectively combines several different organizational features into a single, extremely handy app. The program is completely free of charge as well and this is definitely something that should propel it […]

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Nov 7 2008

Review of the Nozbe GTD and Productivity Application

Nozbe is a great tool for both strict Getting Things Done adherents and those looking only to provide some better structure for their work and life. The website and program are both well developed and feature a solid spin on David Allen’s teachings as a way to increase overall productivity while lowering your stress. The […]

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Jan 30 2008

GTD Mind Mapping Tasks on the Apple iPhone

A while back I blogged about a really cool Web 2.0 application called MindMeister. MindMeister is an application that allows you to create Mind Maps online. Now, I love Mind Maps and I Mind Map everything I can. They are such a cool way to logically plan everything from a complex project, to what to […]

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