Getting Things Done GTD with Remember The Milk

Remember The MilkRemember the Milk is a task management application which enjoys some of the widest support options of any similar program. It fits in nicely with the Getting Things Done methodology as it combines many of David Allen’s key concepts into one tidy, convenient app which can greatly encourage better productivity and lower stress for its users.

From the Remember the Milk Website:

Take your tasks anywhere with this feature-packed application. See tasks located nearby, add and complete tasks on the go, organize upcoming tasks, and sync it all seamlessly with Remember The Milk.

The program hosts excellent visuals and functionality. Everything looks superb and the layout of every tool has been properly developed to encourage ease of use and a genuine desire to come back to the system daily.

Every version of Remember the Milk has been given due attention too which means that whether you’re accessing it via a computer, Blackberry or iPhone, the same convenient navigation and solid layout will be represented across the board.
Remember The Milk
Remember the Milk uses the same design ethic embraced by so many other GTD developers by keeping everything as simple as possible.

All of the most common features necessary for proper implementation of the GTD system are represented here. Perhaps one of the most interesting (and innovative) features is the “Locate Your Tasks” option which places your various tasks on a Google map for easy access and grouping.

Little touches such as this go a long way toward extending the functionality of Remember the Milk as well as helping in setting it apart from the competition.

The program allows for other important features too. Tasks can be designated for reminders (issued by various SMS platforms) or easily synced and shared with as many collaborators as are desired.

“Quick Add” makes the addition of new information incredibly simple and convenient and the ability to customize your priorities goes a long way toward helping to make the whole package come together.

Remember the Milk allows users to group their various tasks into any number of categories such as headings like “personal”, “work”, “call” and more.

The ability to customize your lists into as many or as little grouping as desired is something that will no doubt be very welcome to those using the application and it really helps to expand the user-base from people who only want to use the program minimally to those who require the presence of very in-depth choices.

If there is a major drawback it is really only in the download for iPhone users which requires a small payment to take advantage of. This shouldn’t prove much of a problem considering the incredibly diverse number of options which can be taken advantage of however.
Remember The Milk
Remember the Milk is accessible through offline Google pages, Google Calendar, Gmail Gadget, Twitter and Blackberry phones. The latter is perhaps the best salve for users who don’t have an iPhone but still wish to make use of the program while on the go.

The blog and help sections of the main page go a long way toward providing a solid support basis for the application as well. While a forum would be a welcome addition, Remember the Milk has such a robust blog archive that almost every question and scrap of news regarding the system can be quickly and easily accessed.

Overall Remember the Milk is certainly one of the best task management applications currently available for users to get onto no matter which version of the service used. The aesthetics, functionality, loads of essential features and great range of support all add up to make Remember the Milk stand out from the crowd of similar applications.

As part of writing this review I signed up for an account with Remember the Milk and I am trialling it aside my usual application, OmniFocus.

It will be interesting to see how I get one with Remember the Milk and I will report back with my findings.

What do you think, got any comments about Remember the Milk or cool tips for using it for Getting Things Done? I would love to hear from you so please comment below.

13 thoughts on “Getting Things Done GTD with Remember The Milk

  1. Andrew Mason Post author


    Thanks for the comment. RTM has got a great following. I am trying it out now as since the iPhone application came out it really caught my attention.

  2. eggspanther

    GTD and RTM go hand in hand. It’s extremely effective at managing my tasks, and a pleasure to use.
    I was originally going to comment that $25 is no “small payment” for the app, but the app is free. To use the app, you need a pro account… $25pa.
    I would recommend Remember The Milk to anyone whose in the cloud and been bitten by the GTD bug.

  3. Stephan Miller

    Thanks for the tips on the alternate ways to use RTM on the phone. I am a relatively new user and have a Windows Mobile phone. The app just does not do much for me and I have been using the mobile site.

  4. Andrew Mason Post author

    @Stephan Miller:

    I tried the Mobile site on the iPhone but I could never got on with it. Much prefer having an App on the phone that I can use. But, I guess it is personal preference. Thanks for the comment!

  5. Andrew Mason Post author


    $25 in the grand scheme of things is not that much really. OmniFocus is a rather premium app both for the Mac and iPhone but it sure has paid for itself many times over.

    I never mind paying for something that provides value, and ROI.

    Thanks for the comment.

  6. OlgaS

    The RTM is really popular though there are some other services for managing tasks online, for example, Task2Gather. It has unique features that singles out Task2Gather among other similar tools:
    hierarchical task organisation; commenting is possible in each task separately; deadline set up; tags; iCalandar subscription and many more. It also has versions for iPhone and Windows Mobile.

  7. Troy Malone

    RTM is great but they are not that responsive with regard to their API keys. I have been trying to get one for an integration into Pelotonics. It has been 6 weeks without any word from them!

    Great application. I hope I can tie into it soon. I think it would only enhance both offerings.

    Troy Malone

  8. Yardbird

    RTM is far and away the best online GTD tool I’ve found to date. I find all the keyboard shortcuts particularly useful, since it means I can enter and update tasks in quick fashion. I only wish they had better Blackberry integration beyond either a)browsing the site using the built in browser, or b)using the Blackberry Task integration, which is nice but rather clumsy. I’d gladly pay a reasonable amount for it!

  9. Richard

    What was the end verdict? Did you continue to use RememberTheMilk or did you revert to OmniFocus? I’m currently in the same situation – I would love to use OmniFocus, but I wan’t a hosted model like RTM that I can access from other computers.

  10. farukh

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