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Apr 26 2009

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 26th April 2009

I have had a week of report writing yet again. One thing for sure is that my report writing is really improving as is my ability to focus and deliver the report in the given timescales. I am spending the best part of next week down at Earls Court in London for the InfoSec show […]

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Jan 16 2009

Ubiquitous Capture Device, What is Yours?

Those of you who are followers of the Getting Things Done methodology will full understand the importance of the instant collection of your tasks. David Allen, author of the GTD system talks about the Ubiquitous Capture Device, meaning a device that is with you at all times enabling you to use it to capture your […]

Nov 30 2008

Productivity, Motivation, and Personal Development Links – 30th November 2008

I had as great weeks vacation at Centerparcs with my family. I now feel energized and ready to get back to it. I used my Moleskine and iPhone to their full ability whilst away, making a lot of notes and collecting every thought I had to ensure all my Open Loops were closed. I had […]

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Nov 23 2008

5 Vacation Productivity Tips

I am going away tomorrow to Centerparcs with my family. I am looking forward to a nice week in the forest spending quality time with my family. Like many people, I work hard and taking time out is quite hard due to the pressures of running your own business. However, bonding and spending quality time […]

Oct 27 2008

Getting Things Done System by James Marwood

This is a great little video from James Marwood about how he implements the Getting Things Done methodology for productivity. This is a very in-depth 11 minute video where James goes into his full paper and electronic based system. Great to see OmniFocus and also a MoleSkine. James has implemented pretty much the full GTD […]

Jul 31 2008

Taking Notes Changed My Life

I really mean the above statement! A common thread I have on this blog is the importance of having the ability to take notes whenever you can. Every second between you having a thought, and recording it is a second closer to you forgetting the note. This is a key involvement of GTD when processing […]

Mar 18 2008

Getting Things Done in Las Vegas with OmniFocus

Well, I just returned from Affiliate Summit West ’08 in Las Vegas. Vegas is a 10 hour flight from the UK and we had a 5 hour drive to the airport so you could say that it was a long trip so my expectations were high, but is is Vegas after all. Anyway, had a […]

Dec 17 2007

What System Do You Use to Get Things Done?

Time for a bit of reader participation. I have nearly 800 subscribed readers to this blog so I know you are out there!I am interested in hearing from you all what system you use to implement GTD? How many of you use apps like Nozbe, iGTD, NextAction, and OmniFocus? How many of you own and use a Moleskine? Comment on this post […]

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