Taking Notes Changed My Life

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I really mean the above statement!

A common thread I have on this blog is the importance of having the ability to take notes whenever you can. Every second between you having a thought, and recording it is a second closer to you forgetting the note. This is a key involvement of GTD when processing actions to Get Things Done.

For me, I carry a Moleskine wherever I go and now I am armed with my new shiny iPhone 3G. I have a post on OmniFocus for the 3G coming soon as I am loving the ability to sync my tasks and carry them around with me. I have also started using Evernote and the application between the web, iPhone, and desktop client is really slick. More to come on that as well.

Now, the reason I am writing this post is that I have just read a great post over at Lifehacker about the five best note taking tools. Evernote is on this list as well as my old time favourite, the pen and paper. The blog post covers Evernote, Pen and paper, Microsoft OneNote, Google Notebook, and Personal Wiki.

Check out the blog post and see what you think..

3 thoughts on “Taking Notes Changed My Life

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  2. Matthew

    I recently started using Exchange to sync up my Tytn II to my email. I tend to have 1 task that I edit to take down thoughts that I have and I then sort through it daily and scrub anything that I wont do, and set up a task for things that do need doing.

    When I am in the office at work I use the web based Outlook where I can also see the same tasks synced at home and on my phone.

    For larger notes like meeting minutes and when also travelling, I use my Tytn II and if I know I need to take a lot of notes I take my Dell Mini 9 netbook with me.

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