Getting Things Done System by James Marwood

This is a great little video from James Marwood about how he implements the Getting Things Done methodology for productivity.

This is a very in-depth 11 minute video where James goes into his full paper and electronic based system.

Great to see OmniFocus and also a MoleSkine. James has implemented pretty much the full GTD system including the tickler file.

Check it out to see what you think..

I personally think it is great that so many people are giving back to the GTD Community with videos like this. James’ system seems very organized, which I am sure helps him achieve his daily productivity goals.

10 thoughts on “Getting Things Done System by James Marwood

  1. Jose Fong

    I’m sorry but the post doesn’t show any video. I hope the problem is not on my end.

    BTW, this is such a helpful website. Thanks for all the work.


  2. Andrew Mason Post author

    @ Jose

    I am guessing it is a problem at your end as it is fine on all the browsers I have tested it on.

    Can you view any other videos at Vimeo?

    Thanks, and glad you like the blog!


  3. Andrew Mason Post author


    Would love you to guest post some details about how you implement your GTD system. Let me know if you are interested.


  4. Taragh

    I really enjoyed the video. Thank you James. I am interested because I’m breaking in some new habits and have set up a similar system based on GTD and using some of Mark Forster’s methods from “Get Everything Done”. My challenge is sticking to the system – making it a habit.

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