9 thoughts on “Getting Things Done with Mind Maps

  1. Adam Sicinski

    Personally I have built my entire life around the concept of Mind Mapping. Back when I was attending University, I began incorporating Mind Maps into my study regime. My marks immediately improved and from that day forth I was hooked on this remarkable process of organizing my thoughts.

    Today I set goals, organize my time, organize information, brainstorm ideas and do so much more with Mind Maps. On my IQ Matrix Blog I create graphically generated Mind Maps about Self Improvement, Academic and Business related topics. These mini Posters are a great way of collating large chunks of information and organizing them in an easy to learn and reference format.

    I have yet to utilize online Mind Mapping applications such as MindMeister. Instead I prefer to use Mindjet MindManager and Tony Buzan’s iMindMap. Both for different purposes.

  2. Andrew Mason Post author

    @Adam Sicinski:
    Hi Adam,

    Thanks for the comment and I have just checked out your cool blog. I will link to your blog in my next set of weekly links as their is some great content on it. I have a similar passion for Mind Maps and I also run MindCert.com which are a collection of Mind Maps that I have made for myself when passing IT Certifications.

    Have a great weekend.


  3. Arif Vakil

    Have you noticed that in the beginning of the video, the dude presenting has got a mac behind him, but in the actual video itself he uses a pc to do so. 🙂

  4. Chris R.

    Perhaps, it”s a bit old-school, but I create my mind maps with the help of a pen and paper only. It requires a lot of editing and re-drawing, but the most important thing here for me is that it’s physical, not virtual.

  5. Josh Feierman

    Interesting video. I use mind maps a great deal for note taking in meetings or other collaborative sessions, but I’ve never thought about using them for the creating / maintaining all my lists. I happen to use FreeMind (budgets are tight these days so free = good) and love it. I just converted my boss to using it for some brainstorming / organizational projects at work!

    I’ll have to start reading your other blog as well (MindCert.com), though I admit I hardly need more distractions these days. The latest one on CEH is pretty neat, especially to a security wanna-be like me.

  6. Hip Hop Videos

    Unfortunately, my computer is acting up, and I can’t get videos to play beyond two seconds where they freeze. Can anyone tell me if this program allows you to convert the mind map into an outline. It looks similar to Inspiration in some ways, though I am hoping its a solid alternative. I’ll check out mindcert.com as well.

  7. datlq

    Thanks, Andrew. Mindmanager is a decent application and i like it, also Freemind. I’m developing a new mindmapping application for BlackBerry phones, means you can mindmapping everywhere, sit with your friend, talk to client,… It’s called MindBerry and just released. Do you have a blackberry? If so, take a look at MindBerry, go to my site mindberry dot net and download the beta test version. Thanks.

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