GTD and Productivity Links – 24th August 2008

In a bid to ramp up the content and readership of this site, I plan to start a new section of this blog with a collection of weekly links.

I am very active in the GTD, Productivity and Motivation arenas and I think it is great how many blogs are appearing right now.

I find some great things to read so it only makes sense to have a weekly summation of the weeks best links that I have found whilst surfing the web for relevant information.

So, for this week, my links are as follows.

  • My fist link is a great review of my current GTD app of choice, OmniFocus. The review is brought to you from Productivity501, a blog that I subscribe to.
  • My second link is another good review of OmniFocus. This time the review is from a neat site called MacApper. MacApper reviews all the latest Mac Apps and it has become a great site that I visit to find out about the little apps that are not mainstream and you don’t always here about.
  • My third link is a comparison of Things and OmniFocus from MirthLab. Now, I use OmniFocus at present but I am going to review Things. I like the visual look of Things, but the functionality of OmniFocus is what wins it for me. Again, a better look at Things is what I need to see if I am missing anything.
  • The fourth link is a collection of GTD tips for Microsoft Outlook. I used to implement quite a few of these tips before embarking on a journey with GTD and before I made the switch to the Mac. Worth a read.
  • The last link for this week is The 4 Ideas That Will Revolutionize Your Productivity from Organize IT. I love these tips and I will be dedicating considerable time to writing about all of them in the coming months.

That is it for this weeks links, hope you are having a great day.

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