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Old But True – Set Targets to Achieve Goals

10k Motivation
On the 14th of September I am running the Cancer Research UK 10K Run at Harewood House in Leeds. I am raising money for Cancer Research and also getting fit in the process.

You can sponsor me online by following this link and all the money goes to Cancer Research, so please feel free to give generously.

Motivating ones self to go out running is one of the hardest things to do. How many people do you know, maybe yourself included, who have started a personal fitness regime with great vigor, only to give up after only a few sessions? Go to any gymnasium and ask about the number of members, and then look at how many members are in the gym at any one time.

However, sign yourself up for an event and you find this is a great call to action. I used to train in Kickboxing around 10 years ago. I always remember my teacher telling me that when you have an upcoming fight, it really motivates you to pound the street and the heavy bag, to avoid your head getting pounded in. Well, a similar thing has happened with me and the 10k run. I am not a good runner and the 10k will be the furthest I have ever run. With this end goal in mind, I have been very focussed to allocate what is in fact very little time to go out running against a training schedule, hitting the trails three times a week.

So, do you want to reach some personal goal? If so, make a commitment and book something that means you cannot back out of it. Get support from friends and family and get them to sponsor you. The pressure really now is on and this will lead to you taking action to reach the goal, simple!

I will leave you with a great quote from Zig Ziglar, “You cannot hit a target that you do not have”.

Sponsor Me for the Cancer Research 10k by Clicking Here