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The Apple WWDC Keynote was yesterday, with Steve Jobs announcing the new iPhone to be released on the 11th of July along with version 2.0 of the iPhone software that allows third party developers to code apps for the iPhone.

I have had an iPhone since they came out in the US, and hacked it to work with T-Mobile in the UK as I had some time to go on my T-Mobile contract since I had a Blackberry Pearl on an 18 month contract. Still, I had one of the first iPhones in the UK and it turned heads before they came out in the UK.

I am sure you all know about the new 3G iPhone and the fact that it supports 3G, GPS, and a host of other new features such as MobileMe.

Now, I reported a while back about OmniGroup developing an iPhone version of OmniFocus. Well, today OmniGroup launched a micro site for the iPhone version of OmniFocus. I love OmniFocus and I am VERY excited about this new app for the iPhone as I feel this will be GTD Nirvana, at least it will be for my implementation of GTD. The site shows a few screenshots of the app and it is all looking very good. The capability to syn to your Mac directly and through .Mac (MobileMe) looks great.

I am sure other iPhone GTD apps will come out due to the demand for Getting Things Done. We will bring more information on OmniFocus for the iPhone as we find out about it.

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