Great OmniFocus GTD App Review at Apple Briefs

OmniFocus Released

Just been reading a great review of OmniFocus over at the Apple Briefs website.

I had never come accorss the Apple Briefs website before but my Google Alert that is set to Track for OmniFocus brought it to me.

it is a pretty good and true review of OmniFocus and is worth a read.

3 thoughts on “Great OmniFocus GTD App Review at Apple Briefs

  1. Michael Gorsline

    I have been drooling over this app for weeks. Unfortunately it is going about like Apple’s 2.0 day went. Fortunately the people at Omni are very responsive and helpful. I had the iPhone app and the desktop version synching for about 4 hours…and were they ever a beautiful 4 hours. This is the future of handheld data. The location aware contexts are incredible. So here’s hoping they get that synching figured out for most users in short order.

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