Auto Card Manager Simplifies Wallet Storage

ACMWalletIt may seem silly to consider a card managing wallet as a productivity gadget but the bottom line often is that if something can save time and remove stress then it’s usually worthwhile in this department.

Thus, the Auto Card Manager has been created in order to provide a hyper-organized alternative to the mess that can ensue when various cards are kept only in a wallet.

The Auto Card Manager sorts all of your most important cards into special slots which can be accessed through the simple press of a button.

Various credit card, debit and driver license slots are hosted through the width of the Manager (for up to either six or twelve individual cards) and a row of buttons are placed to correspond to each one.

Pushing the labeled button neatly ejects your chosen card and saves the hassle of rooting around in your wallet’s folds while a line waits behind you.

It is interesting technology and a fairly innovative take on productivity gadgets although the overall purpose is perhaps a little bit too specific to make it a great idea for the everyday user.

At $39.99 USD for a 6-card manager and $59.99 USD for a 12-card holder, the Auto Card Manager may be a bit too expensive to warrant now but will certainly be worth a purchase when the price levels out a little.

Check out the YouTube video of the gadget.

Now, I just have to find where to buy one in the UK!

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