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GTDSearchHello All,

I have been working on a customized Google Search Engine that only indexes sites related to Getting Things Done and also other sites that add value in the personal development and motivation areas.

Please check this out and let me know what you think. It is work in progress so please be nice :-). I am adding sites to the index right now and I will be opening a public submission page for you to submit your GTD or productivity site and I will strictly police this to ensure that we can all use it as a tool to make it easier to find some GTD information when we need it.

You can access the page by clicking on the GTD Search page button in the header graphics on this site or by going directly to

The AJAX API looks cool and that is my next task as long as this is well received.

8 thoughts on “Getting Things Done (GTD) Search Engine –

  1. gtdfrk

    Great idea! I have incorporated a Google Custom GTD Search Engine on the Ultimate Getting Things Done Index as well.

    It specifically searches GTD blogs, GTD sites and other GTD resources featured on the GTD Index. Results are displayed on the GTD Index site itself.


  2. Michael Ramm

    WOW! This is very nice tool to quick searches for all things GTD!

    If possible, could you provide a list of the sites that are searched and a way to submit new sites to add to the database.

    Again, great job!!

    Black Belt Productivity

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  4. Stephen

    Great work! This will be a very useful resource for all GTD’ers out there. I have added this to the GTD lens I am working on. Check it out, let me know what you think.

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