Getting Things Done (GTD) With Email

Just read a good article over at The Getting Things Done Blog that covers a GTD Email setup. Now this is something that I am not up to yet with my own GTD journey as I have not finished the book but I will one day blog about the way I currently do my email, as I think it is pretty cool. However, my cool email system is currently on Windows with Outlook. I am a total Mac user and I am not going to need my Outlook account within a matter of weeks so I will be totally using my Mac for email.

I currently use Entourage and Mail. I like the look of mail but Entourage has the cool Project Centre that I have been using to tie everything together. So, I will be looking for ad devising my own GTD system utilising the Mac for my email, of which I recieve rather a lot every day.

The link to the article is HERE and be sure to read it as it is good.

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