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Mind MappingJust stumbled across Mind Meister at Well, how fantastic is this!

I am such a fan of Mind Mapping, of which I probably map at least one item a day, and this will be a topic of conversation of many coming blog posts on this site. Well, Web 2.0 meets Mind Mapping in the form of Mind Meister. This is an online Mind Mapping tool that seems to work brilliantly. You can even share maps with other users. Sure, it is not as featured as MindJet Mind Manager but, this is free!

This is currently in private beta, however, I have a few invitations left (around 20) so be sure to post a comment to this post and include your email address and I will invite you to try the beta.

This is something that has got me quite excited as I am a big believer in the benefits of Mind Mapping and having such a fantastic free tool such as this really will help spread the word and benefits of Mind Mapping.

Be sure to post a reply to this post and give it a try for yourself!

16 thoughts on “Online Collaborative Mind Mapping – MindMeister

  1. Fernando

    I used Mind Manager at a previous job and it was awesome, it’s great to see there is a free online equivalent. Can I please have an invitation to the beta?

  2. Kari

    I’m familiarising myself with GTD and came across your post. As Fernando, I have used Mind Manager in the past, and it would be great to see an alternative, so an invitation would be greatly appreciated.

  3. Gary

    I’d like to give Mindmeister a try. If you have invitations left, I’d appreciate a chance to try out the beta.

  4. Stevo

    Would like an invitation. I use mind mapping on paper but would like to get an e-version.


  5. Keith S

    I am familiar with Mind Mapping and I have tried to get others in the company to use it. This app is intriguing. I would like an invitation to try the beta if you have any left. Thanks,


  6. FPL

    Just discovered your site via 43 folders. I have been looking for a Mind Mapping app in the last couple of days.

    Would appreciate an invite to try MindMeister.


  7. ali

    i do mind maps mainly form my studies and exams
    also i do them for software projects in our computer science group

    it will really help me if i get an invitation to this site

  8. sheri

    i’ve just now come across this world of gtd… am so glad to learn that not only am i not alone in needing help, but that help is out there! wow. i keep saying/thinking’i need to figure out some kind of system’ – looks like i’m finally on my way. mind mapping is new to me – though my endless lists have a lot of arrows and circles and stars…! i’d love to try this beta if you have any invites left.

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  10. Stan

    If there are any invites for the beta left, I’d like one, please. I’ve been a huge Mindmanager user and would like to migrate to a system like MindMeister where I can share maps with my staff.

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