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Great Review of GTD Software Applications

Kevin Crenshaw posted a comment on my post about the Mind Meister 2.0 upgrade. In the true spirit of blogging, this made me visit his blog and check out what he was up to.

Kevin runs a company and website called Priacta, and he is in the personal productivity coaching arena, offering both onsite and remote coaching.

The reason I am mentioning all of this here, is that on the Priacta website, Kevin has taken the time to pull together a great, and very comprehensive review of all of the major Getting Things Done (GTD) Applications.

There were 99 reviews when I started this blog post and I have now just checked and found 100 reviews.

The reviews are very good and cover Windows, Mac, and Linux Operating Systems as well as mobile and web based applications.

Anyway, check out the reviews and I hopefully you will find some value in the reviews.