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Social Networking with Twitter and Facebook for Getting Things Done

Well, I have been using Facebook for around a year and I have had my Twitter account about the same. I got into Facebook after receiving many requests to join from other friends and colleagues. I find the groups great and there is even a global GTD Group that I am a member of.

So, for all you other Facebooker’s, feel free to add me as a contact on Facebook.

Now, Twitter is the next thing I want to talk about. I used Twitter when it first came out and didn’t really get it. I read other blogs such as Shoemoney and John Chow and I see that they are all getting back into Twitter so I thought I would try it again. I followed the advice of Robert Scoble and went out to follow quite a few people who I have heard of, and also people who they follow. The results are great. I am now presented with a great social network and I find it an amazing way of keeping up to speed with what is going on in the world.

So, Try this out for yourself and be sure to Follow Me on Twitter.