Merlin Mann GTD Google Tech Talk

Hi All,

I had a crazy week last week exhibiting at InfoSec with RandomStorm. It was hard work both physically and mentally.

Got some more great ideas for this blog, and writing the posts is added as a task in OmniFocus as you would expect.

Anyway, just watched this great Google Tech Talk from the great Merlin Mann of This was recorded 31st March 2008 and has found its way to YouTube. It lasts for 35 minutes and is a great watch, if like me, you are into all things GTD. used to be THE place for GTD info but the posts reduced and they all seemed to be written by guest bloggers. Recently Merlin has been writing some more good posts and it is great to see him back.

Anyway, rant over, and here is the video for you all to watch.

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