Did I Get Things Done 2.0

SUBSCRIBE TO MY BLOGIf you are not already, now is a great time to subscribe to this blog in your favorite RSS reader so you can keep up to date with all the posts.

After a few tweaks here and there the new theme is a go and I am happy to say that I now consider the new site as fully live. I still have to add a few plugins and add some content to some more pages but I guess this aspect of the site will be work in progress.

I have never had a Contact or Advertise page on the site before.

Please use the Contact page to contact myself for any matters relating to the site. I am also looking for guest bloggers so please use this page to contact me if you have an interest in writing for Did I Get Things Done.

This site is for its readers so if you have any suggestions or criticisms, please do let me know so I can improve the site to benefit the readers.

I am also starting to take related adverts from sponsors in order to help fund the site and the ever growing hosting and management costs. If you have a product you would like to advertise, please let me know via the Advertise page and we can hopefully work something out.

I have quite a bit planned for the blog. I am trying to widen it from just a GTD blog to cover my main focus areas of Productivity, Motivation, and Self Development. GTD will always figure high in these as it is the methodology that I started to use over two years ago now.

I thank you for being a visitor to my site and I look forward to achieving my goal of becoming the number one blog for Productivity, Motivation, and Self Development.

I am currently hovering around the 2400 RSS Subscribers and I am trying to get to the next goal of 3000.

3 thoughts on “Did I Get Things Done 2.0

  1. Lynn O'Connor

    Hi Andrew: Here is something I would like you to advertise.

    One of my doctoral students, Manisha Masher, is conducting an anonymous, online study of Green Guilt and Green Behavior. The study is aimed at finding out if making people feel more or less guilty, has any effect on their green behaviors. You (everyone) are invited to participate, by going to:

    Sometimes making people feel guilty about specific behaviors (that they do or don’t do) makes them engage in behaviors more often, and sometimes it has the opposite effect. We are trying to find out about the role of guilt in green behaviors.

    To those of you willing to join in, and those willing to get this invitation out as widely as possible (on your blogs, on listservs etc.) a big thank you. You are helping psychologists know how to help others, as we all struggle to go green.


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