Jott Speech-to-Text iPhone App Review

Jott for the Apple iPhone is so simple and effective that it should have come as a built-in feature rather than a downloadable app. The program allows users to take notes through the simplest method possible: talking to their phone.

Perhaps the best feature of Jott is the obvious attention paid toward using the tool as an organizational program rather than just an advanced memo pad.

Users can record and store their voice notes (either in the original audio or as text; the format conversion which makes the app so appealing) and then sort them into to-do lists.

Once a task has been finished the iPhone’ss touch-screen makes crossing off the work as simple as making a quick horizontal line with your finger.

Those who adhere to GTD will no doubt find Jott an invaluable tool for their arsenal as it allows for easy creation of notes which can then be exported to your desktop (or laptop) for sorting into any other organizational software app used to sort out to-do actions.

The application is free but does require a subscription to the Jott service in order to use making it into something of a double-edged positive.

Sign-up is quick and Jott has a strict privacy protection statement in effect so users needn’t worry about much of anything.

Considering the lack of financial investment and the program’s potential for becoming an essential productivity tool, Jott is well worth looking into.

9 thoughts on “Jott Speech-to-Text iPhone App Review

  1. Jared Goralnick

    Thanks for clue-ing me into this, Andrew. Jott became less useful to me once they stopped emailing me my notes without paying them (and I didn’t use it enough to justify the monthly fee). I didn’t feel like installing a desktop app for something that my email could handle. But it sounds like you can use the free version of Jott to get a usable experience if you have an iPhone? Interesting, thanks!

  2. JeBas

    I got an iPhone for Christmas, and Jott was the first app that I installed. I have primarily been using it to keep my context lists straight, the voice recording has been a excellent secondary feature, but it is far from perfect.

    I have recently received messages that they are switching to an automated transcriber, and I have noticed the difference. When I first started using the app, almost everything I said was transcribed. Now I’m usually listening to the playback and rewriting it myself. It is getting better, but it is far from perfect.

    I’ve also noted an interesting quirk with the iPhone Jott. The last list you are in before you hit record is the list that the Jott will appear. It took me a little while to figure this out. Initially it looked like Jott was randomly placing the notes in any list.

  3. Andrew Mason Post author


    Glad you are getting benefit out of Jott. I have also looked at reQall which does a very similar service as Jott. Really makes you realise what a great little tool and platform the iPhone is for productivity!

    Thanks for the comment.

  4. JeBas

    @Lukis Maximus: Jott is presently changing their product line. In February they will be releasing new applications that will be part of a monthly pay service. They have most of this information on their website.

  5. Nadj

    I currently use Jott and I am very happy with it. Unfortunately they have decided to stop providing service for free for the iphone and there will be a fee for using it starting Feb 2nd I think. I am now back on the market looking for another free GTD app..

  6. Evelina

    This app is interesting. I’m using ,,Plan” app. You can’t talk, but it’s also very simple and quick. All tasks in one simple view, move events in one drag&drop, works with built in calendar and sync with google web calendar.

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