12 thoughts on “Cool Little Firefox Time Saving Tip

  1. David Pierce

    I can’t believe I didn’t know about this yet! I love the Awesome Bar (mostly because it’s called the Awesome Bar), and this is a great tip. I spend most of my time on only a few sites, and this is a perfect way to make it more efficient. Thanks!

  2. Chris R.

    Nice tip. I always used only one word in the bar and then scrolled down to find what I need.

    I just tried this trick and found out that you can type in more than two text blocks. The more blocks you add, the more accurate result you’ll get.

  3. n02m

    Hmmm … I mean … this IS the Awesome Bar. What else is awesome about it? Maybe that’s the part _I_ didn’t know 😉

  4. Fish Recipe

    Ever second that is saved accumulates, I had always known about that if i typed “fa” i would get facebook would I never knew about going beyond that and getting more refined with the searches! Gawd I love Firefox more and more!

  5. web design miami

    The most amazing tips are usualy the ones that are seemingly obvious. Stuff that designers don’t even put in tutorials since they think it’s a common sense. Once you realise the awesomness of the feature you just can’t remember that you were able to live without it.

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